Mind, Desire and Sex

We are in a society that strongly rebuts the concept of couplation, for all the ethical, social, religious reasons, i cannot in my good conscience prove it wrong or closed minded. As Sexual intercourse harvests negative energy inside a person’s Aura, there is a good reason why our ancestors dismissed its open practice but yet still respecting the act and ackonwledging the right manner of it.

However a person needs standards and a code of conduct in life to practice sex is what i believe, discipline is the highest regard in one’s life, if one could only utilize the principle of discpline in every act of their life, everything in life would be of least negativity.

Anyway im here to putforth an understanding, a notion that i derived today out of all of it, Sex is living body’s one of the strongest desire, to conceive, it takes a very big of a deal to have a total control over it, ever heard of people saying “Control your Mind and you Control every Energy in your Aura” it is very much of the truth, the more your Mind is under your control the less susceptible one is to failures in the endeavor of life, people often know what’s right thing to do, the wrong thing to do but often fail to act in accordance of that understanding when in the face of the choosing in real life. The only reason for this is because “Mind & Control” its not an easy job to control your mind, takes a serious deal to accomplish it, in today’s world its almost impossible to come across someone of that likes who could possibly take over their anger, hateredness, ego, desire, lust & greed and let the mind make sense above all of it, ive really not met one such of that likes and i myself am not anywhere close to something of that likes. It took the ancient sages years of meditation to have a full control over their mind that led them onto a pure path of spirirual enlightenment and wield supernatural powers far beyond a human’s abilities

Since Sex is the Bodies strongest desire, a lust so strong it would bend the rules of righteousness & codes in a very instant unless one is matured and smart enough to understand the compromises that it is making, controlling sex takes a ridiculous deal of Mind-Body Control and the one who is strong enough to rebuff the lust, possess the power to control every kind of power to steer their life as they willingly desire in a controlled manner.

Master the Desire of Sex and you Master the Control in Life.


Change Starts from Within Oneself

We are always so busy pointing out the mistakes in the world, the society, our folks….ever realized how flawed you are to begin with?
Change starts from oneself not by making harsh statements of others. Seek the Good Side of People instead of trying to learn their flawed side and be a judgemental idiot.
Learn to Accept, Love & Forgive.

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