A Woman She is, A Human She is.

Here we MEN are in a society, we watch things we are not supposed to, we eve tease girls, care the least about our parents that deserve the most out of us, we consume things we are not supposed to, watch a woman passby as if she were some emotionless sex tool.

But when a woman does something she desires, less ethical we wouldn’t hold a second in accusing her of being a slut, evil, prostitute, bitch and what all……same woman still does have a heart that beats for her father, longs for her mother, insecure about her family and finds kittens way too adorable……she might’ve been pursuaded towards doing something unethical by her need of body, doesn’t determine the person she is really, its just our ignorance and hate inside us that needs to be cured.

Back during the Days of jesus, A Guilty lady one’s was being chased down by a bunch of citizens being showered with stones, they took her to to the almighty one and asked if how she must be punished

His Reply was

“He who with no sin on his hand, pelt the first stone at her”

The Crowd fell in scilence and walked away with a burden of Guilt.

Learn to be Respectful and a Gentleman, especially towards a woman,  it makes you more beautiful than you’ve ever been before.


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