We acknowledge hate but fail to acknowledge love.

You know what the problem with the world is today? Its that we never miss to accuse the wrongful deeds and the people that caused it but sadly we leave the right one’s very much under appreciated.

We tell the wrongful one’s how sinful they are but fail to make the right one’s realize how important they are and their deeds

We never fail to credit the sinners for their deeds but do however fail to credit the right one’s for their works.

We acknowledge hate but fail to acknowledge love.

Its because we are all so hateful and least lovable, our hearts are so corrupt, fearful, ignorant & less loving, kind and compassionate.

We do not appreciate all the good in the world but are very good at whining like a spoiled child.


With our Thoughts we make the world – Buddha




Manica, An Abandoned Hope

I want to share an experience that i had since the past year till last week.

I met a person online from the country of philippines, located in the south pacific, the person was exteremly loving, kind and humbling, innocence was what she was all about, “Hate” was the most remote thing in her personality, she was by far the most beautiful person i had met to date, she was fun loving, sarcastic girl wishing only happiness, prosperity to the people around her, she had absolutely no room for negative things.

so humbling people around her acted up like they own her and beat around her emotions, wishes and feelings, but the little filipina was so scared of hurting those people she never spoke to them of how she feels about their behaviour, about their bads that affected her, very naiev despite of constantly being tormented by her friends and she could do nothing but look for a lone corner to cry her heart out alone until she was okay. People constantly took advantage of her innocence.

I met this 18 year old on september of 2015 and gradually became a good friend of her i always believed god seeks people with innocence and honesty, he only answers to people that posses the quality of heartful honesty and those that have a heart undiluted in Love. I thought maybe i could make a big spiritual difference in her life, i mean this girl was byfar the most angelic, honest and amazing person i had met, you dont meet such people everyday, do you? I set out on a mission to turn this person more godly, spiritual and much more loving and heartly person than she was before and so i decided to turn her into a staunch christian, a devoted church going person as the country she resides in was the most catholic country from what i had heard, i taught her how god contributed in our lives, i changed her perspectives of life, i taught her how to be thankful to people around you especially her ‘Parents’, how they were the real credit takers of everything she was and is. I showed her the path to Lord Jesus Christ from all that I’ve read and known about him and thus she turned into a very devote christian girl, a very beautiful soul much more elegant than she ever was, her prayers were being answered far more powerfully, evidently and gracefully than i had ever seen anybodies prayers answered including myself, the only reasoning i had for this was because of her clean, loving and undiluted heart with no little space for hate.

On this path of enlightenment and self improvement we grew closer into a beautiful relationship, she was byfar the most closest thing to my heart, more closer than anybody that had come to me and having her so dear to my soul was one truly beautiful.

She set out on herself to seek the path of god with me guiding her every now and then with some conscience. She started attending the church more earnestly & started going through the bible more studiously than she had ever before.

And then started the fall.

She was put under a group with a leader, where the leader observes, studies and helps her group members with their spiritual path and decesions of life.

The girl as i said was so naeiv she bought in one of her best friends who she thought was her soul sister, honestly, i had been hearing about this bestfriend of her’s since day 1 i met her, i do not want to go in details about her best friend, she was kind of different and i dont want to be judgemental here so i will leave it at that only used to dictate my friend, used to hurt her for her own self causes, to get her own will and way out of her and being sorry is something that was a matter of her ego above all.

My Friend was so inspired and changed by her spiritual life that she thought maybe it would have her bestfriend change if she were to get her closer to god. She succeded in her endeavor too.

Once my good friend was in the company of her leaders and her godly bestfriend, All of a sudden things started to change between us. She started to see things differently and everything that i had been teaching her suddenly took a U Turn and she started showing hesitancy towards the teachings i had given her, the things i made her realize were of no value anymore, she was skeptic of my faith all of a sudden and started showing signs i was an outworldy person. 


It was until last week when her bestfriend told me that she and her leaders wanted me out of her life because i was a ‘Non-Believer’, because people who dont believe in jesus christ are doomed and she would be betraying christ if she had given herself to me. Her Bestfriend told me to Read Bible and Accept Jesus in my Life if i would ever want her back or else forget about her, it was until last week that i hadn’t realized she was constantly being tormented, mentally harassed and spiritually threatned by her fellow christians to keep distance from me.

We broke up just last week, i had noway but to give up on her since they were relentless on causing pain and suffering to her and wouldn’t stop doing that until i was out of her life…why???….All because they said “They Wanted to save her“, from what???? The person who bought her close to jesus christ? The person who persuaded her to join church? The person who gave her values of generosity and taught her the values of kindness? The person who taught her how to respect her parents and made her realize the importance of her family? From who exactly are they saving her from? I dont understand, i do not understand their faith and what it stands for, if this were what Christianity is all about today, i would’ve never lead her into this path, Jesus the amighty one would be so disappointed knowing his disciples of today, how they let go of human values and persuade what they are taught even if it rules out basic logic.

The Little Girl is in pain, suffering and is brainwashed of everything that made her uniqe and is only taught about bibilic values(which i respect bigtime), i had no other option but to let her go so she no longer was being torn away on two sides.

Nowonder her prayers weren’t as powerfully blessed as they used to.

Im confused, broken, hepless and cant help but feel bad for the person she is today. Still some part in her remains that won’t let her standup for the truth, for the pain she is constantly unflicted, i did my best to relieve her from the pain, since i cant physically accompany her, i let her go. 

Jesus save her.

Manica ❤❤

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