Everybody nowadays Knows how to question but very few know the Answers

I see folks on television going on and on about the ill that’s spread across the nation, flinging liabilities unto those they despise, reeling the infinite mass about the bad in the society and very little that’s motivating the same mass to act in the favor of change instead breed hatred in them.

The Problem with today’s generation and the leaders that lead them is, “Everybody knows how to Question very few of them know the answers to it”….and mark my words those who do, they know better, they know acting for the cause is better than just stand there across the lectern of the cameras and question those responsible.

oh yes, switch on your television sets and tune into your local news channel, you will have the pseudo secular questioning the other pseudo secular, you will have the  news anchors questioning the leaders trying to pull off some chaos so it benefits the media and those megalomaniacs making sure the power is in their safe, you will have questions everywhere being thrown but no one to answer the real issue. the thing is people who tend to question a lot are good at what they do and it garners them what they really need, solution for that particular question of their’s is what they don’t seek for because if they did, they would work towards it instead of stand their and make pointless arguments. It’s not just those on T.V., take a look at your everyday life, everybody knows how to be a judgemental Canucklehead cuz it ain’t costing you a shiny penny, just throw shit is all that people do

Questions are not the solution for the issues you see, Questioning only spreads more chaos if you do not have an apt answer to that question. Learn to Act and be the change that you want to bring, actions motivate people for good more than the questions ever could, make the people believe in the change that you see by acting on it instead of questioning and bewilder them further, the only way you could ever persuade people for the cause that you feel that needs to be answered is by posing a solution and being the first one to act and show them it really works and not a question. Answers bring Hopes, Questions  negate the same.
Here, i’d like to give a good example, Modi had gazillion people questioning him, he could’ve devoted his time fighting the haters and trying to convince those immaculate stereotypes how he wasn’t responsible for any of those attacks but his actions were otherwise, he knew how precious time is, he could’ve devoted that time arguing the mislead mass, he choose not to and instead worked towards the betterment of the nation committing every second of it to the growth of one and all regardless the diversity. what were you busy with? complaining about how he was responsible for the Gujarat Riots and as usual being no good for your society? well, atleast he made a spellbinding progress by ignoring the ignorants.
Now look at what he has done, he has bought a new hope and belief the the whole entire nation who had no assurance at all in the betterment of the nation, his actions are why people have started to believe again in a better tomorrow. Now have a good look at those fulfill every tense of the term “Complain” been Complaining, still complaining, would never stop doing it & what’s the outcome? you tell me.

Here, I have another Example for you, Nana Pathekar?

Nana Patekar known for his simple lifestyle has been generous in donating to charities. He contributed money towards rebuilding of the flood ravaged villages in Bihar through the charitable organisation Anubhuthi. All the monetary remuneration he obtained for his performance in the movie Paathshaala was donated by him to five different charitable organisations. When he was awarded the Raj Kapoor award which carries a cash prize of Rs 10,00,000, he donated the entire amount towards drought relief activities in Maharashtra. He also provided financial aid to families of farmers who committed suicide due to indebtedness brought about by drought. He distributed cheques worth Rs 15,000 to 62 families of farmers from Vidarbha region in August 2015 and another 113 families from Latur and Osmanabad districts of Marathwada in September 2015. It is said this guy donated 90% of his earnings to charities and serving the needy one’s. He recently slammed the concept of ‘Lifetime Achievement Awards’, saying that people making beneficial contributions to the society merit such honours and that he would never accept one. refer this Link to know more on it and here we have other actors of bollywood industry busy complaining how India is at an unrest, i’m tired at this point tbh to go on and on about it, so ill leave the rest of it to process it yourself. -wiki

Mother Theresa never went on streets for violent riots, sir A.P.J Abdul Kalam never went on streets for riots, Yosufzai Malala Never went on Voilent Riots, Emma Watson isn’t a complaining Feminazi, Modi cares least about those who blame him for the mishaps of 2002, Swami Vivekananda was busy spreading his knowledge. All they ever did was answer the queries that the society posed. see what’s happening there? these people were busy working towards the cause they felt the need to be answered, they kept their silence and devoted all of their lives in answering the questions instead of just questioning and leaving it so.

and for my brothers that feel the need to defend their faith against bad mouthing, i ask you to take the fight against those that are causing it the real harm and bringing it dishonor not those who talk rubbish, talkers won’t stop at your asking but you could make the same talkers talk good about your subject by working towards the real message your faith brings.

I’d Lastly like to conclude this message of mine with this picture that says so much in just few words, think about it!




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